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In 1992 Vera Bernard-Opitz, Ph.D. (Clin. Psych.) founded the Autism News Singapore, which became a successful communication tool and resource for families and professionals. Upon moving to southern California, she introduced the newsletter to the Interagency Autism Group (IAG) Orange County. With the support of colleagues and agencies involved in the IAG, she helped develop the Autism News Orange County & the Rest of the World.

For many years Vera Bernard-Opitz was Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work and Psychology, as well as Head of the Autism Research Centre and the Behavioral Intervention Centre for Children (BICC), at the National University of Singapore (NUS). She is the founder of the Structured Teaching for Exceptional Pupils (STEP) program, Singapore, a center with about 100 autistic children, which she coordinated for 10 years.

Selected articles from old issues of the Autism News Singapore have been archived here, such as reports from the STEP program, summaries of applied research conducted at the BICC, public talks and parent contributions. These articles are in PDF format. For further information, please contact the Editor (

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